6 Shots.

Game Concept :

The player only has 6 bullets left in his gun, he wanted to end the apocalypse with just 6 bullets. Every level has an amount of zombies where the zombies will follow the player The player has to move around until all the zombies are aligned into a straight line That's where when the player shoots his only bullet to beat the level. The lower the basement, the harder the level and the more the amount of zombies. To win the game, the player could only use 1 bullet for each level, beating 6 levels with only 6 bullets. If the enemies touch the player, game over. If the player ran out of bullets, game over.


The human race is about to lose against the mutating species, the evil zombies. Lamar, the only sheriff left to fight, has arrived at a research laboratory that has 6 levels of basement. The objective is to kill all the remaining zombies left with only 6 bullets left in his revolver. The first level consists of a small number of zombies. Will Lamar kill all the zombies with only 6 bullets from the laboratory to save the human race?


Vincexodus: Programming & Game Idea


Daemon 2.0: all of the Art


Nixon: Programming & Shaders & Music


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